About Me

My desire to create artwork came about when I grew frustrated and bored with my current hobbies. I’ve been creating artwork with watercolors since the early 2000’s, but I never thought I would get as far as I have today. In 2008, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This disease doesn’t necessarily slow me down, but it does make it painful to live at times. Painting through watercolors has given me hope and the strength I need to keep moving forward each and every day. I feel blessed to have come as far as I have, for there are patients who have it far worse than I do.

My success in art wasn’t always this way; it took lots of time and trial and error. I took a class at a local community college in Portland, Oregon and flunked with a dissatisfactory C. Disappointed in myself, I decided to take a break from art. Maybe art wasn’t for me? These were questions that popped into my head on a regular basis. I tried not to pay attention to them. Instead of doing completely away with art, I decided to give it a break. Instead I started teaching computer basics to senior citizens at the same community college. Coincidentally enough, one of my students happened to be teaching art at another community college, and we reached a mutual agreement of sorts; I would teach her how to use her computer, and she would teach me how to encourage that art bug inside of me that was just waiting to burst out.

From there, that’s when my world took a turn. She was a remarkably good teacher, who strangely enough, didn’t really have any Syllabus or an exact structure. Rather she showed me how to unleash my creativity through no structure at all. Sometimes structure can do more harm than good, in this case, it was inhibiting my creativity side.

Now I create watercolor paintings that are sold at local art auctions for the sole purpose of keeping me and my house afloat, as well as donating the money so multiple sclerosis can be studied thoroughly. So far I’ve contributed upwards of $1,000’s to these research firms. I hope to continue to do that.